Hi, I’m Cindy. This is a collection of the creative projects I’ve worked on outside of when I’m avoiding my full-time gig. It mostly consists of designing posters (regulars include UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra and Nerd Nite East Bay), playing viola (mostly classical), and taking pictures.

The creative process is always daunting and messy, but you usually only see the final, polished product. The path leading to the final product, though – all the drafts and iterations, the nuanced ideas and eureka moments that then bring everything together – is oftentimes much more interesting, and I wish more people would openly share their processes. It may seem self-serving, but I find that it humanizes and humbles the practice, acknowledging the enormous amount of thought and work that goes into each finished product.

I’ll be updating this site with past projects slowly, in due time. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something from my old site, head to https://studioeksi.com/old.