Jenn and Ed started by telling me they weren’t super keen on getting engagement photos. They weren’t “those kinds of people” – y’know, the ones who like to get all dolled up and make dramatic lovey-dovey faces in front of a lens. Instead, they’re silly-face people, groan-worthy pun masters (Jenn once went as literary foil for Halloween, donning aluminum foil scribbled with book titles ) and extremely hardcore nerds (Ed spends a good chunk of time doing physics fieldwork in Antarctica, where he once ran a full marathon). You can’t spend more than two minutes with them without breaking down in laughter.

So we set out to have fun in their neighborhood as they showed me their favorite restaurants and murals. Needless to say, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely, and I even got to sneak a few lovey-dovey shots in there ;-).