I’ve been to a lot of places in my life. I like eating and doing things. I like planning out my days to maximize time and stomach capacity. And after many requests over the years, my 2023 resolution is to finally write out my recs (Rx, get it?) and tips for all the places I’ve been. Consider them prescriptions for the soul.

All semblances of altruism aside, it’s also a way for me to reflect on my experiences and process the mountains of digital detritus that I’ve accumulated. The past few years of my life have been so focused on doing and experiencing that I haven’t left myself room to properly post-mortem, document, and create.

These guides will have three components:

  • A blog post with pictures
  • A google map with all of the locations marked
  • A link to my IG Story so you can follow my itinerary

To keep me honest, here are the guides on the docket, with links as they’re completed:

  • USA – New Orleans
  • Turkey – Cappadocia
  • Turkey – Istanbul
  • UAE – Abu Dhabi
  • UAE – Dubai
  • UAE – Al Maha Resort
  • Portugal – Lisbon
  • Portugal – Porto
  • Peru – Lima, Machu Picchu, Puerto Maldonado
  • Egypt – Dahab
  • England – London
  • Scotland – Edinburgh and tours
  • Canada – Victoria
  • Canada – Vancouver
  • Mexico – Mexico City
  • Mexico – Cancun
  • USA – California National Parks (parents edition)