Freshman year of college, we had a tall, lanky Romanian neighbor down the hall with a deep voice and a penchant for deadpan sarcasm. We tried to be sensitive towards the Transylvanian immigrant’s transition to life in college-dorm America, but as soon as we realized that Dragos had successfully trolled us into thinking that sunglasses didn’t exist in Romania, we knew he was a keeper.

Dragos and Vivian (who is every bit as amazing and weird as Dragos, in the absolutely bestest way) now live in a dream Brooklyn apartment outfitted with Vivian’s great sense of style. But we all know the real head of the head of the household (the Middle Kingdom) is the great Chairman Meow. Just like her namesake, this Chairman has an intense stare, a slightly larger frame, and rules with certain bouts of whimsy. And she will continue to do so, unless another leader emerges (Meow-solini? Cat-daffi?) to rival her authoritarian ways.

Unfortunately for the Chairman, her hoomans decided to get hitched in Iceland, depriving the Chairman of the festivities (although she did get her own page on the wedding website). But since my Day Job suddenly decided to send me on a three-week jaunt to NYC last May, I packed the camera and got to capture these photos of all three of them in their natural habitat. Ten thousand years to Chairman Meow!