Lucia and I first got to know each other as members of the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, where she’s the concertmaster – basically, the head honcho. In addition to being an incredibly talented violinist, she’s also a grad student studying biostats, making her a fellow member of our small-but-strong grad-student-musician network. And then I learned that her boyfriend (now fiancé!) Mark is a grad student in the chemistry department who works in a building adjacent to mine – small world!

I had so much fun photographing these two, who were both brimming with spunky candor and joie de vivre. In fact, I barely had to ask them to pose – they’d just spontaneously start dancing or making faces at each other. I just know that their life together is going to be filled with so much laughter.

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lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement-1 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--19 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--18 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--17 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--16 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--15lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--2 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--13 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--11 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--10 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--12 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--9 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--7 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--6 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--21 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--5 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--4 lucia-mark-berkeley-rose-garden-engagement--3

Location: Berkeley Rose Garden