Steph and I met on one of the very first days of college. We became labmates in LifeSci1A, a great big 400-student zoo of a class that has since [thankfully] faded into a [repressed] blur. These days, she’s back at Harvard getting a PhD in Economics, and we planned to catch up over lunch when I was also back at Harvard for architecture camp this summer. The night before said lunch, I got an email: could we postpone? Her boyfriend Ben had just proposed, and her parents were coming up to celebrate.

Though I was naturally bummed at the foiled lunch plans, I couldn’t have been more excited for Steph and Ben, and was thrilled when she asked me to take their engagement photos. Despite the tricky timing – we only had a 3-day window between them getting back the resized ring and me leaving Cambridge – we managed a session along the picturesque Charles River over a most spectacular sunset. We had so much fun meandering around Harvard and the river houses, and it was a joy to revisit all these places etched so deeply in our memories and interact with them in a totally new way. Congratulations, Steph and Ben!

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