One of the first things I noticed about Rachel was her hair. If you can’t tell yet, here’s a hint: it’s reeeeally long. When I mentioned this to her, she grinned at Eric and said, “Yeah, people like to talk about our hair.” He then took out his hair tie and shook his head, revealing a mass of untamed golden locks.

Crazy hair aside, the best part about working with Rachel and Eric was their casual spunk. They’re the kind of couple who sees a cool tree off the side of the trail, and the next thing you know, they’re racing each other to the top. The kind where one will pick the other up – literally (and figuratively, I suppose) – and, for completeness, they’ll then reverse roles, taking turns lifting each other off the ground.

[On a shameless self-promotional note, Rachel first contacted me by email after getting referred by a mutual friend.  I figured they contacted me since they just needed a few photos to appease their parents and didn’t want to search too far. Turns out they had researched a whole slew of Bay Area photographers (Rachel made several references to a spreadsheet), and they still liked my photos the best. Yay!]

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